Capturing Video with a DSLR Camera

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Snapspin360 now supports capturing video using a DSLR camera.

Your regular workflow for connecting a DSLR camera to an iOS device with Snapspin360 should just work in most cases, you don't need to do anything in addition to that. For information about connecting your DSLR camera to the app, please see this article.

There are just a few points to note when using a DSLR camera for video capture:

Video Recording Support

Even though most DSLR cameras can record video, if they cannot record a video from a tethered connection then it will not work with the Snapspin360 app. Please ensure that the DSLR camera that you want to use with the Snapspin360 app supports recording video from a tethered connection. If your camera doesn't support this, the app will fall back to using one of the built-in cameras for recording video.

Camera Mode

The camera will need to be in a mode that supports video when trying to record using the app. Some cameras (especially newer models) can support recording video and capturing photos from a single mode. If you have one of these cameras, then you won't have to worry about changing the mode if you are capturing both photos and videos at your event.

With most cameras, you can change the mode using a dial on the camera body.

Recording Resolution

Modern DSLR cameras are now able to record in 4K, and some even in 8K. The app should be able to support rendering videos captured at this resolution if your iOS device has enough memory for it, but remember that VideoFX templates are a lot smaller than this (1280x1280 for square, or 1080x1920 for portrait). Due to this, recording at very high resolutions is overkill when using VideoFX. It will just slow down the video transfer and render times, for very minimal benefits.

This means that the optimal resolution for recording videos will be the same resolution as your VideoFX template. You will need to set the recording resolution on the camera. Check your camera's user manual for instructions for your specific model.

Slow Motion Speed Multiplier

Some cameras (especially Canon cameras) don't record slow motion properly. If you are using a camera that does this, you will need to set the Recording Speed Multiplier in the camera settings. See this article for more details about this, under the Recording Speed Multiplier entry in the Compatibility section.

Slow Motion Memory Card

When recording at a high capture rate for slow motion, you will need to make sure you are using a memory card with a high enough write speed so that the video can be properly saved. The write speed needed will vary depending on camera make and model, and the selected video capture settings on the camera. Most camera manufacturers will provide the required specs needed for high capture rates.

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